The future of technology

We have spent the last month researching the pioneers of technology. Their work has built a basis for today’s science to build upon in the future. With the fast rate of technology development, imagine the next century and all of the possiblities.

One physicist, Michio Kaku, has done just that. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy as this articulate visionary shares his revelations of the future of science.


Michio Kaku: On science’s effects on the future.


Michio Kaku is a highly regarded physicist who remarks on how technology will change daily life drastically in the future. His book Physics of the Future illustrates the possibilities of technology to come.


One comment on “The future of technology

  1. arc432 says:

    I really like this guy! I have seen him before in other documentaries as well. This is really interesting and some pretty cool stuff! Thanks for the video!

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