Infographic Analysis- Group 4

Group 4’s info-graphic is about the internet. You can find the full graphic in the link. I am here to analyze the first 3 points.

I have noticed with this infographic and many other ones that visual representation of information is very important. Although this may be self evident in the name “info-graph” visualized information, I feel that this is a very powerful way of portraying information that I was not aware of until now.
1. In this particular info-graphic, the size of the internet is portrayed in terms of amount of dvds or blue rays that could hold it. In my own info-graphic, I want to utilize this type of information representation.

2. The second section represents the internet usage percentage by country. When I saw this there was a very interesting point. 76.2% of all internet usage is in America, although we only account for 5% of the total world population. I think this is an enormous amount of internet usage, it makes me wonder how much of that is spent productively or as a time sink. Speaking of which, I saw the movie Wall-E for the first time last weekend and I was reminded of it while analyzing this info-graphic.

I feel that soon enough America will turn into this.

3. This third point is about emails sent and spam. 80% of all emails are spam…. WHAT? I hate spam and all of the traps and fake links on the internet. What is the point of spam anyways? what a waste of time, energy, and patience. 200 billion spam sent per day… wow..

Accuracy of info

I have to Agree with my teammate Ambiguity on his analysis that this information is not too reliable considering something as mutable, changing, and growing as the internet, it is nearly impossible to provide accurate information. this infographic should be more specific of WHEN the information was taken and that it will be incorrect within a year.


One comment on “Infographic Analysis- Group 4

  1. lockmantuj says:

    I think you touch on my biggest gripe with info-graphics. I agree they are a handy way to convey facts and ideas quickly and memorably. But overall, I think that they don’t invite deeper thinking or critical scrutiny.

    That was part of my reason for designing such an assignment for the class.

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