Coprecipitation-DS106 album cover

The Assignment-

This assignment is a mashup of three random things together to make an album cover. First, take a random wikipedia entry, this is the name of the band. Then, take a random quote (the last 4-5 words of the last quote), this is the title of the album. Finally, take a random flikr image (the 3rd picture) and use it for the album background. I think its important to either add a background story for the band or a song list as well.

The Process-

Wikipedia entry (band name)-

Quote (album title)- “The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else. “- Martina Navratilova

Flikr image (album cover)- Snowy Owl by Touchlight Photography

I used photoshop to manupilate this stunning image of a snow owl. First I used the grain filter to get the texturized feel. Then I added the texts of the band name and album cover. This assignment did not take too long, so the rest of the time was spent creating the story of the band.

The Story-

Croprecipitation is back with their latest album For that and nothing else featuring their hit single: “Like an Owl in the Dawn”! Inspired by their walkabout through the forests of Washington state, this album will immerse you in the beauty of nature. Soothing pan flutes, relaxing harps, and gentle navajoe drums will take you through a journey of mind, body, and spirit. You won’t want to stop listening once you start! This album can be enjoyed anywhere; in the bedroom to guide you through fantastical dreams, during daily activities, or even on the daily commute to prepare yourself for a busy day.

This album brings the 20 years of relaxation music experience of Coprecipitation that you know and love and adds the lyrical harmonics of gregorian chanters from the Vatican City. The combination of saintly harmonics and earthly instrumentals soothes your soul to levels never before imagined.

Pick up your copy of For than and nothing else today and receive a free set of incense handmade by coprecipitation! This incense made from herbs and oils from the deep forests of Washington State and when combined with Coprecipitation’s music will make your relaxation complete. Relax, enjoy life, and listen to the sound of the Earth with Coprecipitation.


2 comments on “Coprecipitation-DS106 album cover

  1. lockmantuj says:

    This has been one of my favorite assignments this semester. I love seeing how people weave this different random elements together.

    Your album cover, thought not square, is stunning. I think the more grainy texture of the owl image works well for the type of music you describe in your awesome liner notes. I only wish this were for real. I need to have my soul soothed to levels never before imagined.

    And I think I’d also like to get the included incense from Washington state. Brilliant stuff.

  2. b3movement says:

    I tried cropping the image to a square, but it made the owl too center heavy and threw off the feel of it. I wish it were real too! I love the soothing style of new age music and this is my ideal representation of that genre.

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