New Internet Format, New Era.

This post is a reflection on our classroom presentations over the month of March. One theme that I have noticed is that the application of web services and technology has grown faster than people can keep up with.

One example of this is Gina’s article on cyber-bullying, Although cyber-bullying crimes are committed frequently, there is no definite way to regulate and punish offenders of this. One group of people who commited cyber-bullying were charged with manslaughter, and their sentence was 300 hours of community service, and a class on bullying. The judicial system has not yet adapted to new types of crime which can be committed through this new medium of communications.

The next example is from Shin’s article of cyber-warfare. In this article, cyber-warfare is posited as the next step in war. Because computers control so many aspects of warfare; communications, radar, targeting systems  etc. If one can hack these, they can drastically change the tides of warfare. This article explains how the USA has numerous amounts of people able to attack other’s computer systems, but very few people capable of defending America from cyberattacks. According to one source, the pentagon is attacked more than 5000 times daily. This is another example of how we have not yet adapted to this new technology.

These are just a couple of numerous examples which explain my feelings on this section. This new era of technology has brought with it new challenges for us as a society to adapt to. We must change our regulation, communication, and definition of military power to be able to make in this new era of technology, cyberspace, and society.


Article Summary- Internet Addiction

Article Summary

I read an article called Internet addiction: Why you need to disconnect, which describes our need to connect to the internet, and how to overcome it.

The internet is a way for us to feel special, according to the author of this article. Twitter, status updates, blog posts… they are all ways for us to say LOOK AT ME. Somehow, there is gratification in knowing that our personal thoughts and posts will reach an audience of any size. For the author, the internet is our means to indulge our narcissistic tendencies.

The reason for this is apparently  because we are immature, seeking attention in everything we do. Or perhaps it is a way to control the chaotic environment that we live in. According to the author of this article, Internet addiction just refers to our need to post about our seemingly special existence, and the way to stop is to just knock it off.

My Response

I have a few problems with this article. The reason I chose this article is because I used to be involved in Online Gaming, to the point of addiction. I feel that the author of this article didn’t describe the physical addiction part of internet addiction, only the need to express ourselves. What about web browsing addiction, or chat room addiction, or gaming addiction? These addictions do not come from a narcissistic need. One cannot just stop being addicted to something. There is a physical need in the brain to interact online.

I feel that websites nowadays all follow the same format the “Scroll Down” web pages. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more of these web 2.0 sites have formatted their pages so that the user only has to scroll down to be fed constant information and entertainment. It is so easy to look at the clock and realize that 3 hours have passed just by scrolling down or following associative trails through the labyrinth of Youtube videos.

These websites understand how our brains work and utilize them so that we utilize their services frequently. One needs help breaking from the addiction that comes with web usage, we cant just stop our addiction as easily as the author mentions.

Poice Beat- Sheriff Jon Brown’s killer brought to justice

The Assignment

I did the Police Beat writing assignment!

The details of this assignment are as follows:

Essentially, identify an innocent seeming song that advocates some odd/criminal behavior and reformat it as a police report style article.

The song I chose was “I Shot the Sheriff” by Bob Marley

I always love listening to Mr. Marley. Whenever this song came on, I always wondered how this story would play out if it were true. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is my rendition of the events that took place.

The Story

At 3:35 pm a man was arrested for shooting a police officer at the edge of town. Sheriff Brown tracked the suspect to the edge of town, where he was fired upon and killed in the line of duty. The suspect was apprehended an hour later and taken into the station for questioning. When questioned, the suspect would only respond by saying, “If I am guilty I will pay.”

The suspect’s Identity will not be revealed to the public at this time, but he has ties to the killing of a deputy last month, as well as a judicial history with Sheriff Brown. The suspect has had multiple charges of illegal agriculture on public land. Sheriff Brown was personally responsible for killing those seeds before they grew. It is not certain at the moment if this was the reason for the murder, although he swears it was in self-defense.

The suspect will be tried for the murder of two police officers, which in this county is a capital offense.





The Medium is the Message

This sentence explains my thoughts on today’s internet usage. With the advent of Web 2.0, communication online has drastically changed. Discussions are being held via comments on blogs and similar platforms, internet lingo and meme usage are inserted into conversation to add a new dimension to the post, and even to the point of this internet based communication transcending to our spoken interactions. Nowadays there are many ways to join an online society by joining forums, starting blogs, and commenting frequently. In no time at all one can have connections and an infrastructure of who they are online.

What is the medium? Web 2.0. What is the message? Its here to stay, learn to use it. This user-generated world is the way in which our age is applying the internet. Therefore this user-generated, online society IS the internet right now. Perhaps when technology changes even further, blogs and user content will be a thing of the past, but until the medium changes, web 2.0 is the message


The Nimda Virus

The article I presented was “Memories of the Nimda Virus

I made this simple prezi to outline the main points, which I will explain here.


The Nimda Virus attack happened in September 18, 2001. After only 23 minutes, this virus was the most propagated one at the time. The purpose of this presentation is explain the rapid propagation.

This was one week after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The outbreak of this virus caused a lot of scare in America, where some thought that this was a follow-up cyber attack. However after further investigation, there was no relationship found between the worm and terrorist organizations.

Earlier is 2001, another backdoor worm named “Code Red” was propagated, which allowed this Nimda virus to propagate easily as well.


  1. Email spreading
    • When a computer was infected by the Nimda virus, the virus would send an email to all of the user’s contacts. The email would be blank with an attachment “readme.exe” If the attachment was opened the computer would be affected.
    • With some windows operating systems and mail applications, this email would automatically get downloaded if the email was opened or even PREVIEWED.
    • The newly infected user would then have its email searched and send the virus to all of those contacts.
  2. Web Browsing
    • The Nimda virus would attach itself to ALL writable documents on a computer. This includes web files such as .htm, .html, and .asp files.
    • When an infected computer would be browsing webpages, the Nimda virus would attempt to transfer itself onto the web server.
    • If the server was not well protected, it would get the Nimda virus, and give it to any other users browsing the webpage.
  3. Shared Networks
    • Because the Nimda virus gets written on all writable documents, any file that is transferred over a shared network propagates the virus.


The nimda virus was a backdoor virus which left computers open to further attacks.  It did this in two wasy: The first was to make the C Drive sharable so that any person could access it.  The second was by creating a new user with administration privileges.


The nimda virus propagated so quickly because of a lack of security in the Windows operating system. Although the Nimda virus has been protected against nowadays, the author of this article notes how there are still loopholes in the windows system which makes users prone to similar attacks. Therefore it is highly recommended that one installs anti-virus software on their systems.




Google Maps Story- Road trip

Please full screen for best quality

The Assignment

I did this assignment from the web category. The directions are as follows:

Use Google Maps to tell a story! It can be the story of a trip you took, a trip you would like to take, a strange occurrence, a war, anything you like! The only rules are that you have to use Google Maps proper in order to tell your story, and post it here.

The Process

This assignment documents my road trip from Colorado to Los Angeles in the summer of 2010.

I started by going to Google Maps to plot my course again. Then I took a printscreen of the map and opened it up in Photoshop.

I used Flickr advanced search to find CC liscenced photos of the unique places that I travelled on this trip. Then inserted them into the document, using line tools and paint bucket tools to make the pictures look more like photographs. The text I added was TW Cen Mt size 18-22.

The Story

This is the path I drove from my house in Colorado Springs, CO to visit my girlfriend living in Santa Monica, CA. It took my about 24 hours of driving by myself, and was one of my greatest experiences thus far in my life. The sights I saw on my drive, their beauty is inexplicable.

The twists and turns of the Rocky Moutnain Passes, The Colorado River, The sunset in the dusty mountains of Utah, The bright lights and desolate desserts of Nevada, and the crowded 6-lane highways of California. Each of these special places deserves a blog post on their own. All in all, it was a beautiful journey that left me with a lot of time to think about life, the universe, and everything else.

To help me in my journey, I had the musical companionship of Enya, Enigma, Tenacious D, “A Horse With No Name” (which I’ve come to associate with the desolate land of Nevada’s dessert) and even the politcal comedic genious of Stephen Colbert’s “I am America, and so can you!”

I learned a lot on my journey; I fell in love with cruise control, I spent the night in my car at a gas station on the Utah-Nevada border, ate countless Subway BMT sandwiches, cliff bars, and dried fruit and almonds. I really got a sense of appreciation of myself, and my country from this journey. A lesson which I feel everyone should undergo in their lives.

So, go forth readers. Take a challenge, go travel alone and get to really know yourself

Turn down the lights- switch up the mood

Mr eggy CC licensed by sultoner

Train CCl licensed by ELEOTH

The Assignment

I did the Switch up the Mood visual assignment. The details are:

This assignment is to change the mood or tone of a photograph by altering the contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, exposure, etc.

I decided to use 2 photos of trains

The Process

After finding two suitable pictures with creative commons licensing, I opened up photoshop and got to work.

For both pictures I used the Image adjustments feature in the same order, but with different levels.

  1. Color balance
  2. Hue/Saturation
  3. Brightness/Contrasts
  4. Levels

I adjusted the levels until they were appealing.

The Story

There is something magical about a train, a feeling that I have had since early childhood. I still remember my first house by the train tracks. I would run outside when I heard the train coming, hoping to get a glimpse of the conductor. I would wave and pray for his wave back, and on some lucky days he would grace me with a toot of the trains horn. That is why I chose these photos to change-up the mood.

I really liked the original two photos, the ones on the left. I especially was attracted to the redness of these pictures. I wanted to adjust that redness to more of a blue feel, to “Switch up the Mood” T

The top picture reminds me of some sort of scene on the surface of Mars, but I feel that the new mood is a midnight train travelling through the mist of the twilight.

The Second photo has a very rustic and vintage feel to it. I changed the mood for a feel that is more modern.