Turn down the lights- switch up the mood

Mr eggy CC licensed by sultoner

Train CCl licensed by ELEOTH

The Assignment

I did the Switch up the Mood visual assignment. The details are:

This assignment is to change the mood or tone of a photograph by altering the contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, exposure, etc.

I decided to use 2 photos of trains

The Process

After finding two suitable pictures with creative commons licensing, I opened up photoshop and got to work.

For both pictures I used the Image adjustments feature in the same order, but with different levels.

  1. Color balance
  2. Hue/Saturation
  3. Brightness/Contrasts
  4. Levels

I adjusted the levels until they were appealing.

The Story

There is something magical about a train, a feeling that I have had since early childhood. I still remember my first house by the train tracks. I would run outside when I heard the train coming, hoping to get a glimpse of the conductor. I would wave and pray for his wave back, and on some lucky days he would grace me with a toot of the trains horn. That is why I chose these photos to change-up the mood.

I really liked the original two photos, the ones on the left. I especially was attracted to the redness of these pictures. I wanted to adjust that redness to more of a blue feel, to “Switch up the Mood” T

The top picture reminds me of some sort of scene on the surface of Mars, but I feel that the new mood is a midnight train travelling through the mist of the twilight.

The Second photo has a very rustic and vintage feel to it. I changed the mood for a feel that is more modern.


One comment on “Turn down the lights- switch up the mood

  1. lockmantuj says:

    I’m always amazed and delighted to see what can be done by tweaking the controls on an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP. As you say it’s possible to come up with interesting effects.

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