Article Summary- Internet Addiction

Article Summary

I read an article called Internet addiction: Why you need to disconnect, which describes our need to connect to the internet, and how to overcome it.

The internet is a way for us to feel special, according to the author of this article. Twitter, status updates, blog posts… they are all ways for us to say LOOK AT ME. Somehow, there is gratification in knowing that our personal thoughts and posts will reach an audience of any size. For the author, the internet is our means to indulge our narcissistic tendencies.

The reason for this is apparently  because we are immature, seeking attention in everything we do. Or perhaps it is a way to control the chaotic environment that we live in. According to the author of this article, Internet addiction just refers to our need to post about our seemingly special existence, and the way to stop is to just knock it off.

My Response

I have a few problems with this article. The reason I chose this article is because I used to be involved in Online Gaming, to the point of addiction. I feel that the author of this article didn’t describe the physical addiction part of internet addiction, only the need to express ourselves. What about web browsing addiction, or chat room addiction, or gaming addiction? These addictions do not come from a narcissistic need. One cannot just stop being addicted to something. There is a physical need in the brain to interact online.

I feel that websites nowadays all follow the same format the “Scroll Down” web pages. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more of these web 2.0 sites have formatted their pages so that the user only has to scroll down to be fed constant information and entertainment. It is so easy to look at the clock and realize that 3 hours have passed just by scrolling down or following associative trails through the labyrinth of Youtube videos.

These websites understand how our brains work and utilize them so that we utilize their services frequently. One needs help breaking from the addiction that comes with web usage, we cant just stop our addiction as easily as the author mentions.


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