New Internet Format, New Era.

This post is a reflection on our classroom presentations over the month of March. One theme that I have noticed is that the application of web services and technology has grown faster than people can keep up with.

One example of this is Gina’s article on cyber-bullying, Although cyber-bullying crimes are committed frequently, there is no definite way to regulate and punish offenders of this. One group of people who commited cyber-bullying were charged with manslaughter, and their sentence was 300 hours of community service, and a class on bullying. The judicial system has not yet adapted to new types of crime which can be committed through this new medium of communications.

The next example is from Shin’s article of cyber-warfare. In this article, cyber-warfare is posited as the next step in war. Because computers control so many aspects of warfare; communications, radar, targeting systems  etc. If one can hack these, they can drastically change the tides of warfare. This article explains how the USA has numerous amounts of people able to attack other’s computer systems, but very few people capable of defending America from cyberattacks. According to one source, the pentagon is attacked more than 5000 times daily. This is another example of how we have not yet adapted to this new technology.

These are just a couple of numerous examples which explain my feelings on this section. This new era of technology has brought with it new challenges for us as a society to adapt to. We must change our regulation, communication, and definition of military power to be able to make in this new era of technology, cyberspace, and society.


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