Final Exam Practical Activity

Tangled technology
Tangled Technology by stuant63 via Creative Commons

To the head of the Intergalactic Board of Eduction

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Dear Sir, Madam, or Other

My name is Tony Radosti, and I am a student at Temple University Japan. I have heard that you are deciding whether or not to terminate the CIS0835 class next semester. Seeing as how I have just completed this course, I feel that I can give a perspective on why this class is necessary and should not be terminated. The main reason I pose here is that CIS083 gives students the tools necessary to compete and cooperate in this new digital age. This course does this by introducing and teaching proficiency in digital communications via blogs, by bringing out creativity and fostering it in a digital medium, and finally by preparing students to take on the universe in this new age of technology.

In this year of 2012, technology is all around us. We are in the highlight of web 2.0. This is truly a new age in society that most thought impossible a decade ago. Yet higher education has seemed to fail to adapt to this new era. At least in TUJ, the number of computer science programs is minimal at best. How are students supposed to function and flourish in this age, if higher education cannot adapt as well? This is dilemma posed by Gardner Campbell in his Personal Cyberinfrastructure. He takes McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message” stance and puts it into higher educations necessity to supply students with the ability to live with this new medium and message. This is the purpose of CIS083.

This course taught me proficiency in digital communication, which is a staple of the web 2.0 era. I have my own personal blog, and I am proficient in adding new posts, pictures, and pages to it. This course has also provided me with a network of contacts, making communication only a mouse click’s away. I have an audience in the form of my classmates, which is a basis to start my personal cyber identity. Communication is one major change to today’s society. CIS0835 has introduced me to many forms of digital communication, such as twitter, blogs, and flickr. I am also connected with digital societies such as DS106

DS106 is a digital storytelling community, which helps foster my creativity and provides a platform to share my work with others around the world. It is a collaboration of colleges across America and in Japan, where professors and students participate in assignments which involve posting their own digital art, stories, videos, and more. Thanks to CIS0835, I have the tools to express myself in a digital manner (I never was much of a traditional artist), as well as the platform to share my work with others for collaboration, criticism, and shared experiences. This shared creativity epitomizes the web 2.0 movement for me.

CIS0835 is an essential computer proficiency class, which gives students to tools to excel in the digital world. Throughout this course, we have learned the history of our technological founders, the current state of affairs in today’s online world, the dangers and pitfalls of the internet, and also the possible futures. Knowing this information, I feel capable that after I leave the educational world, the skills I have learned in this class will carry to my career as tools at my disposal. I am certain that my classmates share the same sentiment. The world is changing. Technology is increasing exponentially. If higher education cannot keep up with this transition, my generation will not be properly suited to live in the digital world. Terminating CIS0835 would be hindering TUJ students and depriving them of worthwhile skills that they need for the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Tony Radosti


One comment on “Final Exam Practical Activity

  1. lockmantuj says:

    I think this might convince the IBE to reconsider. Well said.

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